ING employee App

At ING I designed the Ambassadors App. With this App employees become ambassadors for ING. For instance, if you are at a party and someone tells you that they have a problem at ING and it has not been fixed, you as an employee can make a note in the ambassadors app. The note will be redirected to the customer care team that will response in 2 days. The problem will be solved together with the customer.

During a Hackaton I made the design to combine all the internal Apps into one App. By this, you only have one work related App icon on your private Phone. With this App, you can book a room, declare a bill and hitchhike to another ING Building. In Amsterdam ING employees work at different buildings, by public transport they are 45 minutes apart. If you travel by car, you can drive in 20 minutes. Next to the speed in  time, you have a change to get to no your co-worker.