ING Mobile Banking App

In 2009 I was asked to design the first ING iOS App where users can see there balance. In the beginning of 2010 we released the iOS App ING Buddy. This changed the way bankers looked at apps and soon a 3 man team was changed into a professional project where we could develop the best Banking App in the Netherlands. After two years of learning on the job, I became the Lead Designer on this project and responsible for the User Experience of the Banking App. After 5 years of pasionitly designing orange, it was time for me to Design something new. I had reached my goal, the ING Banking App was the best Financial App in the Netherlands and won 8 different awards (mostly because of the best usability). The Mobile Banking team is still improving the app and adding new features to the new releases.
The Banking App is a native App for the platforms Android, iOS and Windows.
Advantages of the Mobile Banking App:
• View your current and savings account and transfer money wherever and whenever
• View and use your credit card and loan (only for your personal account)
• Insight in the development of your investment portfolio
• Easy in use, also with voice control
• Secure with a self-selected mobile PIN
• Ongoing development of handy features
With the Mobile Banking App you manage your banking affairs with a secure connection and no personal information is saved on your mobile phone or tablet.

ING Mobile Banking App

ING Buddy
The first ING iOS App: ING Buddy