Mobile Payments

I was the lead Designer for the Mobile Payments App at ING. This App is a separate App from the Banking App. The App allows Android users with an NFC enabled device to make payments.

With this App I wanted to differentiate from the other payment Apps and Wallets. I did not believe in visualizing a bank card on the the mobile device. I wanted this App to feel like an App and only behave like a bankcard. This is why, you will not find an image of a bankcard in my design. In stead I gave the design more emotion, by allowing the user to choose their own background image.

This projects had a lot of UX steps: Analyses, customer journeys, page flows, wireframes, visual designs, user testing. I made an infographic of future possibilities for NFC for the user with the ING Payments App.

In this project I had the privilege to work with the talented Visual Designer Iris van Wijk. The App was released in 2015.

Mobile Payment experience
Design with emotion


Deliverables of the ING Mobile Payments project

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