Treatwell App 2.0

At Treatwell NL we made a new design and rebuild the Treatwell App in 2015. The current App was focussed on making an Booking. The design of the 2.0 App was focussed on user and providing the correct information. The user could see his bookings, mark favorites etc. The App was designed for Android an iOS Phone.

My role in this project was making the interaction design, I worked together with a Visual Designer. The App was completely designed and usability tested when Treatwell was taken over by the Japanes company Recruit. At that time the choice was made to make a global App, this was done by another team and our designs were used as input for the new global Treatwell App. This means the Treatwell NL 2.0 App never went live, but the interaction design was taken as input for the new App.

TreatwellApp Uitgelicht

design Treatwell App
Design of the Treatwell App